Tablets are tough, but they are just as prone to cracks and malfunctions as any other device. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the iPad, Google, Samsung or any other brand, we know how to fix it all. We’re confident in our repairs, but our 90-day warranty guarantees that you will be absolutely satisfied.

Screen and Glass Repair

Q-Tech Saskatoon fix all type of Tablet or Tab. Often the digitizer or the LCD may not be visibly broken, but does fail to work due to repeated knocks, dings and drops. So, while the display has no visible crack, repeated knocks and impacts over time will cumulatively result in making your screen inoperable.

Charging or Battery Issue

Q-Tech repairs a poor battery and charging issue with tab or tablets. The charging port gets used extensively all the time. You can then bring your ailing tablet to us and we'll replace your failing charging port. Lithium-Ion batteries inevitably lose their maximum capacity over time, regardless of even whether you use the device extensively or not.


Q-Tech pride to own his work, If it's not right we will fix it at our expense on the next available appointment, Physical & water damage is not covered under warranty.