Q-Tech Saskatoon believes a broken gaming device doesn’t have to mean game over! Our technicians can examine your game console, identify the issue, and quickly resolve the problem. We perform affordable repairs on consoles by Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo so that you can get back to gaming, fast!

HDMI Port Replacement

We only do this repair by using a computerized machines, with perfect heat regulation for this particular process which yields 100% success. The result is 100% manufacturer quality soldering which will look exactly the same way it was done at the manufacturing facilities and nobody will be able to realize that the original HDMI port has ever been replaced.

Portable Consoles Repair

Are you Experiencing a shattered screen or any other malfunction with your portable game console? please bring your device At Q-Tech Saskatoon, We fix cracked screens and tackle nearly every other type of repair! We have experience in everything from damaged charger sockets to non-responsive buttons and much more.


Q-Tech pride to own his work, If it's not right we will fix it at our expense on the next available appointment, Physical & water damage is not covered under warranty.