Q-Tech open 7 days per week. We may use our electronic devices every day, but the moment they stop working most of us have no idea what to do to fix them. Before you run out and buy a new one, Contact with Q-Tech and you have more chances are that it can be repaired and start running like new again.

Electronics Repair

Q-Tech provides Electronics repair services for following items (Phones, TVs, Cable Boxes(analog, digital, satellite), SaskTel Boxes, Android/IPTV Boxes, Stereo Systems, DVD Players, CD and MP3 Players, Printers, Video Players, Fax Machines, Projection Equipment and Speakers etc..)

Our Team

Q-Tech's highly skilled team of Electronic Engineers are an integral part of our technical staff. Their years of knowledge brings an extra level of expertise to common and uncommon repairs. It's no wonder that companies have come to appreciate.


Q-Tech pride to own his work, If it's not right we will fix it at our expense on the next available appointment, Physical & water damage is not covered under warranty.